And So It Begins…

Tickle Me Green

If green is the new pink, then I’m tricked out like a flamingo on Halloween.  “Green” has become a bit annoying from overuse, and beautifully illustrates the fundamental flaw of the new ‘green’ movement.  Just as ‘these colors don’t run’ shows what’s wrong with patriotism in our country.  Neither represent an educated understanding of the subject at hand.  From my perspective, a hybrid SUV is to environmentalism as the Patriot Act is to patriotism.  Unfortunately we have become engrossed as superficial participants in what I suppose I would refer to as neo-environmentalism.

But do not feel ashamed!  We are all trying to adapt to a new way of life, and the transition is by no means dialed.  My background in environmental science provides me with a comprehensive understanding of the issues at had.  Through this site I hope to educate people about the issues and provide practical solutions.

Over the next couple weeks I will begin this site by covering issues such as food, transportation, and energy.  I look forward to your feedback as it will help me determine what people want to know about.

Good luck,