Yummm…Local Food

Last weekend I strolled out of my apartment in SOMA en route to the Ferry Building.  After a nice walk, I reached what I would describe as a farmer’s market on steroids!  There must have been at least 300 vendors, all busy selling fresh produce and homemade goods.  Crisp greens, delicious fruits, and artisan cheeses filled table after table, not to mention my grocery bag.

Delicious Fresh Greens
Delicious Fresh Greens

A good farmer’s market will feature vendors who adhere to sustainable agriculture practices.  With loads of buzz words floating around, it can be very confusing to determine what you should purchase as a conscious buyer.  So, in preparation for your next trip to the farmer’s market, read up on what it means for food to be organic or sustainably grown.  In California, the California Certified Organic Farmers (CCOF) is the agency responsible for determining if a farm meets the established standards of an “organic” farm.  Most vendors will have their products labeled with the logo shown below, if they have been certified by the CCOF.

Look For This

Is your produce certified?

The CCOF has done an excellent job with not only their certification program, but also with their active support of local farmers.  Purchasing your produce from local farmers helps reduce the amount of energy required for transportation of goods.  In addition, you are supporting individuals in the local community.  For a listing of Bay Area farmer’s markets, visit the Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC) “The Green Gate.”  Get to know your farmers, know their practices, know your food.

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