New Address:

3016 Mt. Comfort Rd.
Fayetteville, Arkansas 72704

As I work on this post the dog of the house, Prophet, terrorizes anything he can seem to get between his teeth.  Despite his unrelenting need for attention he is a good friend.  At the house I spend several hours each day editing pictures and enjoying some pleasure reading; the gloomy days provide more opportunity for this than I would sometimes like.  Rummaging through folders from months past, I visually follow the events and people that led me here to my new address.

Leaving Morning Star Ranch and California was terribly difficult, especially arriving to a couple weeks of below freezing temperatures and the occasional days of sub-zero windchills.  The weather has become much more palatable now, and allowed for time to enjoy being outside.

Morgan leading on The Roman Wall

At the root of my desire to relocate across the country was the opportunity to pursue a relationship with a girl.  I cannot surmise, in few words, what an amazing person she is, so my word will have to suffice.  Now that our relationship has been affixed with an expiration date, I cannot help but be devastated by the thought of parting ways with such a wonderful person.  Life is challenging at times, and luxuriously effortless other times; now, it seems challenging.

Despite the tragedy of leaving California, I have found opportunity here in ample free  time to dwell on the direction of my life.  Out West life flies by without question or regard for direction or so it was in my experience.  Now, a year and a half out of college with travel and leisure quotas met, I find myself compelled to pursue a path resembling a career.  This is not to say that I am anxious to crawl into a 401k, but rather put to use my education and life experiences.

Grad school, internships, and apprenticeships all appear to be viable options to pursue in the next year.  In the next few weeks, though, I hope know if this will soon be my old address as I head toward a new chapter in life.

Time to Think


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